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I started rapping at the age of 7 years old. I remember watching Kool Moe Dee rapping in a Santa Claus suit in the hip hop classic "Beat Street" I was hooked!

Every since then I was determined to be a rap star! Through the years my talent and passion grew. Even though being raised in the church, at age 14 I became distracted with the desires of the world.

I became the prodigal son. My talent was wasted rapping for the world and contributing to worldly messages that program and pollute the impressionable minds of the listeners, especially in our culture.


Reaping what I ended up sowing through years of practicing lawlessness, I put the mic down and took time to deal with life's issues as God was dealing with me, and calling me home. 


Now after rededicating my life back to God, I have since picked up the mic again now Going 4 God as my name stands for. I'm so excited to finally use the gift that God gave me to serve him!

I look forward to what God has in store for me and my music as I explore uncharted territory. 

I hope who ever is reading this becomes family and a brother or sister in Christ! I don't call you fans because the only fans we should be is of the most high God!

Rock with me and let's Go 4 God!

To God be the glory!! Amen

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